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Friday, March 4, 2011

Ready or Not.....

Hello world! I'm Julie an over achiever, under slept, entrepreneur, dedicated new
Seattle Mama Photographer. 
I since almost 5 years now when I fist met my first sweet baby I have been searching for a job, a career,  a business that could make a little extra scratch so I could spoil my babies and be able to stay home and remain available to my now three sweet boys needs and whims.
My list of half baked ideas are:
  • A at home daycare (I got pregnant again)
  • A Custom Cake business ( the kids won't allow me to decorate and eat all the frosting)
  • Develop and sell some top secret inventions I cooked up (I haven't given up, just placed aside for now)
It was one day while speaking to a great pal about my desires that she suggested.
"Hey, you take great pictures. What about photography?"
It's like I woke up. Yeah. I can do that! I love art and have been missing that outlet of expression. My kids have grown up all their lives with me chasing them around with a camera. They even have never minded me taking pictures of others. Lovingly know by some as The Mama Paparazzi.
So it began. This past December I traded my much loved Nikon D50 that served me well for 4 years and upgraded and changed teams to my Canon 60d.
I hit the ground running.
Reading, educating myself, video tutorials, practice practice practice, asking questions, lots of questions. Yep I ticked off a few. It's part of the process I guess right?
I became obsessed. Eating, sleeping, living photography. My poor Husband.
Learning the business side of this was the real eye opener. Man, there are a lot of photographers out there.... A lot. I live in Seattle and you can practically throw a rock and hit a pretty good one.
So what was going to make me stand out? What was I going to do to allow me get to photograph you?
My real awakening to this question came on a day with an unfortunate conversation with another photographer. Suggesting that:
'Not ALL aristist are different, you maybe different. But not ALL and as you have found out already.  Really other photographer know this and thats WHY they do not share their "bag of tricks" you may be an exception to the rule...but it's not not true... You find someone you love then you strive to be as good as they are or better. I'm telling you, been there done that.'
So what this told me is, I will dance to my own drum. I am different. I will make it my way combined with the customers vision. If this makes me free spirited. Then Awesome. Because that is who I am. I like that about me. I am dedicated, honest, loving and yes free spirited.
Even if I never earn a single dollar as a photographer... I will be loving expressing myself. The artist inside of me, she has awoken. I am learning a new craft and loving it. Still a new to photography I have a lot to learn. But even the most seasoned artist should always be learning. I look forward to my new discoveries as a photographer.
*Deep Breath* Here I come!


My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas

My Big Boy Johnpaul Thomas

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My  Naughty Nathaniel Jacob

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My sweet  Christian Michael

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